Weed Laws

RCW 17.10

This is Washington State's basic weed law 

WAC Chapter 16-750

Includes the state Noxious Weed List, definitions and descriptions of region boundaries for Class B weeds, and the schedule of monetary penalties.

WAC Chapter 16-752

Describes the quarantine list maintained by the state Department of Agriculture. (The state law that calls for the creation and maintenance of the quarantine list is RCW 17.24.)

Classes of Noxious Weeds

Class A

Class A Weeds are non-native species with a limited distribution in Grant County and Washington State.  Preventing new infestations and eradicating existing infestations is of the highest priority.  Control of these species is required by law.

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Class B

Class B Weeds are non-native species that are presently limited to portions of Grant County.  Preventing infestations of Class B Weeds is a high priority.  In regions where a Class B species is already abundant, control is decided at the local level, with containment as the primary goal.

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Class C

Class C Weeds are other non-native weeds found in Grant County.  Many of these species are widespread in the county.  Long-term programs of suppression and control are expected for Class C Weeds.

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