Weed Board Staff- Grant County Boundary Map

Grant County Coordinator-
Craig Hintz
Email: gcwb32@gmail.com
Phone: (509)750-4022

Administrative Assistant-
Trish Durand
Email: grantco@televar.com
Phone: (509)754-2011 Ext. 4710

Noxious Weed Consultants-

Area 1 Consultant-

Shawn Rich
Email: gcnwcb001@gmail.com

Area 2 Consultant-
Mike Simonsen
Email: gcnwcb002@gmail.com
Phone: (509)760-3667

Area 3 Consultant-

Larry Frazier
Email: gcnwcb003@gmail.com
Phone: (509)760-1829                                                                                     Click on map to open up a bigger version

Area 4 Consultant-

Martin Blevins
Email: gcwb002@gmail.com
Phone: (509)760-3664

Roadside Applicator-
Bryan Johnson

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